unforgivable youth

I post nonsense.-Sandy-

fun fact #49283: i dont give a shit

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Stepped on my exacto blade today.
Posted 10.18.14
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Diana. Uh realized that I need to start inking again » #leagueoflegends #inktober ?
Posted 10.18.14
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So I finished it. I should leave unfinished things on my desk more often. The more I look at it the more it bothers me that it isn’t done. #art #charcoal
Posted 10.15.14
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Shirasu in Hirari’s clothes (from sensei’s twitter)
Posted 10.15.14
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Posted 10.14.14
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Just started criminal minds. Interesting show

Waiting for dad car died D:

What’s inktober? Drawing using ink. Can’t sleep.

It’s between quiet for a full hour… I must savor this moment since I’ll never have it again. Such peace