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Ok but what about Sakura in a suit
Posted 6.27.14
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where does one get the adobe master collection for f r e e

"Pacific Rim" Sequel Confirmed For 2017


Universal and Legendary Pictures have confirmed what has been speculated about since last summer: Pacific Rim will be getting a sequel and is set for a 2017 release date.

Also, a comics and an animated TV series are being planned.


Ah whoa I didn’t post those 2 posts before the one I just posted that scared the hell out of me lol.

When in pain find things to make you laugh. Anime tonight.

my one and only
Posted 6.18.14
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Guys help me please. I’m looking for a manga cap of an empty cigarette box. I think it was Marlboro reds on it I’m not sure but it was Marlboro for sure. Please help me.

help me not help you

Went to church for mom on Mother’s Day. Realized it was fathers decides not to go to church not because I don’t love my dad but because my hatred for church is greater than my love for him compared to mother’s who’s love her surpasses all things. Sigh get the feeling he’ll hold a grudge or start shit - -.

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Anonymous said: what are your feelings on Pokémon?